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About Rosa Rosa – Proudly Serving New York, NY Since 1987

Since 1987, Rosa Rosa has been the #1 source for fresh roses in N.Y.C. We were the first store in New York to specialize in only roses. We guarantee top quality, freshness and unbeatable prices. We have a world of colors and varieties in 5 different sizes. We also have a large selection of fresh-cut flowers and make very elegant arrangements at very affordable prices. We have same-day delivery in all of Manhattan. Satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • Top Quality Roses At Affordable Prices Since 1987
  • Fresh Ecuadorian Roses And Dutch Flowers Delivered Daily
  • Large Selection Of Sizes And Colors In Large Quantities
  • Local Same-Day Delivery Including Evenings
  • Rose Centerpiece Specialists
  • Orchid Plants
  • Arrangements For All Occasions
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Delivery
  • Corporate Accounts

It has been said that, “bread feeds the body but flowers feed the soul.” Just as different people have differing culinary tastes, there are differing tastes in floral design. Some prefer the balance and symmetry of European traditions while others feel an affinity for the dramatic simplicity of Oriental floral design. No matter what your particular taste, if you can dream it, Rosa Rosa can create it.

We pride ourselves on providing the freshest, most fragrant flowers and vibrant greenery creatively interwoven in floral designs that express your unique style, from simple, to whimsical, to dramatic.

We’re committed to providing each and every customer with beautiful, fresh flowers, exceptional service and uncompromising attention to detail from the simplest arrangement to the most lavish.

Articles & Reviews

Zagat Survey – 2003 New York City Market Place

“Long-lasting roses’ in ‘great colors’ that ‘won’t hurt your wallet’ are the trademark of this no-frills East Side florist that imports in large quantities, thus keeping its prices ‘reasonable’; it also carries a variety of other seasonal Holland flowers like Casablanca Lilies.”

An Event Resources Best Buy – Roses

“Centerpieces can use up a substantial part of an event budget and when cost containment is a primary factor, Rosa Rosa is your solution for well-priced, pretty flowers. Used by savvy hostesses, companies, and even brides, this unassuming shop on Lexington Avenue has more than just bouquets of beautiful, inexpensive roses. The staff is knowledgeable and reliable, and will time the ordering and cutting of your flowers to ensure they are open and lush at your event. The will arrange them simply but beautifully in a mass of blooms, and just as important, deliver them when they say they will. Prices range from $30 for a small fishbowl filed with two dozen roses to $60 for four dozen in a medium bowl. The medium size works best on a 72″ round and if your budget does not permit a slightly wider bowl, can be used successfully on a 90″ round, too. Rosa Rosa also creates oval table arrangements, as well as flowers for the bar and for cocktail tables. They offer a large selection of colors including, when we were last there, deep yellow, dark red, a variety of soft and deep pinks, corals, lavender and even a delicate pale greenish white. Place your order with Mohamed or Jaime.”

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